#4: How social change can manifest through reduced consumption of bottled water?

After watching the TEDTalk, How Great Leaders Inspire Change, two major quotes stuck out to me. In the former, Sinek creates a sales pitch for a computer that structurally works out to a why, how, what format, the opposite of the cultural norm. “Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo; we believe in thinking differently [why]. The way we challenge the status quo is by making our product beautifully designed, simple to use, and user friendly [how]. We just happen to make great computers [what]. Wanna buy one?” This quote stuck out to me because it demonstrates how to make a great sales pitch while explaining very little. A perfect example of show, don’t tell. It also indirectly taught me how to motivate my audience for my topic on social change. In the latter of the two quotes, Sinek tells us why some creators succeed and others fail. “The difference was, Orville and Wilbur were drive by a cause, by a purpose, by a belief. They believed that if they could figure out this flying machine, it’ll change the course of the world.” Essentially, the two brothers are successful because the follow the why, how, what format instead of the what, how, and then why strategy that is so popular. They truly believe in positive change through their aviation. It taught me how proper motivation can do wonders for the creative process.

Next, I looked into resources that related to my topic of bottled water pollution. I first found an essay centred around a student-proposed ban of bottled water distribution at their university. What struck me was the logically sound reasoning and conceptualization around their idea. It was a great example of motivating an audience for social change. Next, I looked for an article centred around local communities that most of us live in, not an environment as isolated as a university. I found The Social and Environmental Impacts of Bottled Water. I loved the near-perfect representation of my topic and the proposed plan to reduce bottled water pollution. It was well-evidences and gave the reader several, convenient alternatives to having our water contained within plastic.

The last thing I was required to do for this post was compile all of this new information into a Sinek-style sales pitch. Here’s what I came up with: I believe in a pollution-free world. I plan on achieving this through examining a major player in this issue: bottled water and its social and environmental impacts. I will teach you about bottled water and what you can do to stop is reign of terror on the environment. Please watch my documentary. 

Ben Wilson

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  • Bill Rich
    5 years ago


    This is terrific, though I know you’ve already moved on to education, so I’m going to head to that post and reply to it.

    And hey: so glad that you had completed this on time. Sorry it ended up in the wrong place, but that’s the kind of thing that can happen when you’re learning how to learn in a blended learning environment. It’s expected! Glad we figured it out, and glad you’re on track.

    Enjoyed getting to know you and your mom some on the hike.

    Bill Rich

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