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  • Hi Josie,

    Thank you for sharing your mind map. I can see the ideas and connections you have made over the last several weeks. For example, the issues of equity and communication seem to come directly from your research. And you have clearly distilled why education reform is important.

    I wonder how your map would look if you put students in the center. From the student perspective, what does education reform look like? How do the conflicts you name impact students? What is important to students?


    • Hi Jeanie,

      I agree with your idea about putting students in the middle of my mind map. When I first started my map I had trouble thinking of what I should put in the middle because I think there are so many parts to this project and I want to be able to include all aspects. I think a main part, if not the main part, of this education reform is students and we need to know how it is going to impact them and so it is important to have them in the center of this.



  • Annie Bellerose
    6 years ago

    Hi Josie!

    As Jeanie said above, you’ve done a lot of thinking over the last few weeks and it shows here. You’ve got a clear sense of the players involved and the components you’ll want to explore.

    I think Jeanie’s idea of putting students at the center, and seeing how that shifts (or perhaps focuses more narrowly) your research and questioning as you move forward could be an interesting experiment.

    It could be interesting to dig a little more into the idea of stakes…what’s at stake for students, families, and schools as they explore this process. I spoke with a PhD student at UVM who’s looking at standards based learning and PLP work around the state, and he might be a good person to chat with at some point. He’s done lots of interviews, mainly with teachers and administrators, at schools that are both far along and less far along in the PLP process. His work might be a valuable insight into that side of the topic.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Annie,

      I know we talked about this during our google groupchat, but I agree that talking to people about this education reform process such as the PhD student from UVM would be very beneficial to this project. I am definitely interested in his work with PLPs because as a student who has made a PLP I am still confused on their purpose and have several questions about them. Thank you for this great source!

  • Annie Bellerose
    6 years ago

    Hi Josie,

    I accidentally just deleted my comment (I think!) so forgive me if this somehow magically posts twice.

    First, thanks for sharing your thinking here. You’ve definitely been putting pieces together over the last few weeks, and you’ve got a clear picture of all the components you plan to explore.

    I agree with Jeanie’s thought about experimenting with putting students at the center (after all, this is supposed to be the heart of personalized learning…). This might be a neat way to shift or narrow your focus as you move forward.

    Also, I spoke with a PhD candidate the other day who’s studying proficiency based learning around the state. He might be a great resource and said he’d love to chat – I’m happy to connect you two at any point. He’s mostly been exploring teacher and administrator perspectives at schools pretty far along and not so far along in the PLP process, and this could be a nice counterpoint to the thinking you’ll be doing.

    Excited to see more! Thanks!


  • Annie Bellerose
    6 years ago

    Ugh! Yep, my computer is playing tricks on me. Sorry!

  • I wonder what you think can be changed about the Act. I wonder what perspective your map is from. I notice that you are passionate about your topic from all you have written. I wonder what you mean by “flexible pathways.

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