#4 Map to Success

Below is my mind map and a close up picture of each section.

My featured photo this week is from https://www.goodfreephotos.com/vector-images/colorful-brain-map-vector-clipart.png.php


2 Responses to “#4 Map to Success

  • Rachael,

    What a great mind map! And your featured image pops AND represents a mind at work. Love it.

    I’m going to drop my objectivity and tell you which topic interests me the most, which doesn’t mean it’s the best topic to choose. It does, though, give you a window into why I’m interested.

    Last year I attended a conference in Atlanta at the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), and a couple guys I went to grad school with (with Moira Donovan, btw) presented about how they’d been connecting students from across cultures to have conversations. I forget the details, but I was struck by the obvious (wow can technology make amazing things possible) and wondered how these kinds of conversations could be structured in ways that didn’t over control things, but would make sure the conversation got to some substance.

    Fast forward to this summer, when I helped kickoff this organization and this experience. Watching and listening to students from very different cultures within the borders of our own country convinced me that there’s some magic to this, and if orchestrated / sustained just right, could work over distance / differences with the right combo of technology and skilled facilitation to ensure a real human connection. (And on October 17 I’ll be facilitating an on-line conversation of this Steering Committee, whose mission is to keep the conversations / connections / work started this summer going.)

    I don’t have a preconceived idea of exactly cross cultural communication means (your mind map helps!), and this makes me think there are a hundred approaches, and I like to work in a somewhat open field. That said, maybe this has been tried a thousand times. Wonder how to learn: who’s tried this, how did it go, and lessons of others can we learn and apply?

    And now I remind you: this is what most interests me because of recent events around me. I could be as easily drawn to your other ideas, too, but I figured this kind of feedback might help.


    Bill Rich

  • Hi Rachael,

    Sorry this is late but I really like your mind map. It is very thorough and you included so much detail. Your guiding questions really helped your map to be easy to understand, even if someone had never heard of your topics. I cheated and looked at your next post and I really liked how you combined both topics. I think that you will be really successful in the work that you do because you have included so much and I can tell how much work you are putting into this.


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