#4 Mapping it OUT!!!

Rex Ross

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  • Hi Rex,

    This is an impressive, detailed mind map! I appreciate how you really dug into each question. I was struck by what you said about the stakeholders being everyone. While I see the point you’re making (and agree with you), I also think that for a documentary and/or social action to be effective, there needs to be a more specific focus. You need to “speak” a different language to communicate with different groups. So, what group do you think most needs to rethink their understanding of feminism?

    In your reflection from Mt. Philo, you mentioned wanting to challenge your thinking on a deeper levels. Who do you think you could talk to in order to learn about more critical perspectives on feminism? Obviously, it’s important not to choose people who would villainize the other side. Who has thoughtful concerns about redefining feminism to be more inclusive? I remember a few years ago there was a lot of controversy surrounding the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival for their policy of not allowing trans women to participate out of fear of undermining the festival as a feminist space. That decision ultimately led to the demise of the festival, but it might be interesting to explore the arguments that the festival founder brought up relating to feminism and whether it can and should be more inclusive.

    Excited to see where your thinking heads next!

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