#4 Mapping my current thoughts

Here’s my mind map, this definitely helped me organize my thoughts.


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  • Anna Buteau
    5 years ago

    This is a great mind map! It looks like you have quite a bit of information and you’re starting to form a more concrete idea of how you want to proceed with your topic. Looking at your mind map helped me visualize the issue you’re working on and it seems like you know what direction you’re headed.

    • I’m glad my map helped understanding because it sort of ended up as a last minute project. Looking back at it, as I expected my thought have shifted in my most recent post.


  • Hi Neva,

    I like the way you laid out your mind map because it’s easy to see what your ideas are and how they connect with each other/with the central topic. I think the part on the bottom left corner about “Support already in place” was really smart to have because now you know what needs to be fixed and what’s being dealt with and how you can build from what’s already being done. And then you did just that in the section next to it “solutions for more support”, which allows the viewer to see exactly where you could go with this idea.

    Your research is apparent and very relevant, which I really appreciate as an outside perspective reading your mind map because every bit of research you have on here feels necessary to know but not overdone. I love how you listed all the different cultures in VT that are represented by refugees and then the box that says “Diversity!” because that’s honestly something that should be celebrated even though right now, its sort of split 50/50 in our country, so pointing out that diversity is something positive will be important as you keep exploring this topic.

    I’m curious to see how Education and Jobs will connect or if you want to focus on one more than the other as you keep going with this topic. Also, I’m really interested to see what ideas you will come up with to help combat some of these issues.

    Great job,

    • Thanks for another helpful comment! I think my thinking has already changed even though I’ve only published one post following this one. I think diversity is a big part of this. This is an “issue” but there is so much good in refugees and diversity is such a wonderful thing that a lot of people don’t think of because they get so caught up in the negatives. Between education and jobs I’m not really sure where I’m going to go. I definitely want education to be a factor in my solution but after the research I did last week, something having to do with families seems important. If you can’t support families, it will create a tradition of success rather than one that revolves around struggles.

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