#4 Mapping My Mind

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Miles Ellis Novotny

2 Responses to “#4 Mapping My Mind

  • Dianne Baroz
    5 years ago

    Your mind map was visually appealing and very easy to follow. Thanks for that! What program did you use? You presented what you’ve been researching in a well thought out way. One of the threads that hit home with me was that bullying is “bigger than people know” and that the “awareness programs don’t work.” And then, your change bubbles list a good number of ideas with how to go about making effective change. One of the ideas that you might want to consider now is who your audience will be. If you’re finding that the awareness programs don’t work and you want to make them more interactive, who are the people or organizations that you could appeal to in order to make this happen? Or I see a few boxes saying “help people appreciate empathy”; “create more caring structures” – would you look at one school to make this happen or one town? I really think that the most important part of your map is the stakes section because it all comes down to how bullying effects individual people—they are not numbers or statistics, but people like you and me. Being a victim of bullying is traumatic and could lead to unthinkable outcomes like you mentioned. Thanks for being an advocate for such an important topic!

  • I notice that you include both conflict and perspective in your mind mind. I think these two can go hand in hand. I wonder who the people you list on your mind map are. I notice that you use lots of colors which make certain points stand out.

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