#4: Mapping my thought process

Avery Murray-Gurney

2 Responses to “#4: Mapping my thought process

  • Hi Avery,
    Wow, your mind map is really interesting. I can see that at the very heart of your topic is student safety and security. I think that’s very important, and everything you have around change has to do with this, too.
    Do you see students as more accepting or adults? You’ve touched on different methods of change, and I would love to hear more of your thoughts on students versus adult change and how they would affect people.
    Also, do you think that these issues have grown in recent years, or have they been relatively the same?

    Great job on the mind map! Your thoughts are clear, and I can see the thread of where your mind goes from one to another idea.

  • Hi Avery,

    As Aidan mentioned, you have student safety at the center of your map, which could also mean it is what you care about the most. Exploring the reasons and solutions a little more would help you determine where to focus on your efforts to effect change.

    Good luck,


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