#4: Mapping Out My Thoughts

My mind map for animal cruelty.

Riley Gallagher

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  • Annie Bellerose
    7 years ago

    Hi Riley,

    Thanks for sharing your map here. It seems like you’ve settled on a direction…that’s exciting! One thing I love about mind mapping is that it can show me more clearly what I’m really thinking about. Here I see you exploring two possibilities that both fall under the heading of animal cruelty: food production/consumption and testing.

    I could see you digging deeper into your stories section. In thinking about characters, what people, organizations, or businesses might have a vested interest in this issue of animal cruelty? What other conflicts between groups or individuals might be relevant? And those two perspectives you’ve included are interesting; I wonder if you could get even more specific. This thinking might also potentially help narrow your focus.

    In my own work with self-chosen exploratory projects and in the past history of WtS, I think the projects that have felt most successful to the creators are those that have landed on something pretty specific with a particular target audience in mind. In this case, finding ways to connect it to the Vermont community could also help hone this focus. It could be great to investigate whether much animal testing is happening in Vermont, or who might be a good resource to interview for something like this. And same for meat and dairy farms…what’s happening with these in VT?

    I had a run-in a few years ago with some bear dogs while I was out hiking; this experience came back into my mind when I looked at your post. There are some interesting things happening in hunting and fishing in the state that could be cool to investigate. Here’s an article from Seven Days you might check out…https://www.sevendaysvt.com/vermont/vermont-animal-rights-activists-aim-to-keep-pets-safe-from-traps/Content?oid=2962281

    Hope this is helpful and excited to see your next steps!



  • Annie Bellerose
    7 years ago

    One more thought! Lena Ashooh investigated the connection between the veal and dairy industries last year and is planning to go further into that this year. Reading her posts from last year and this year could be useful, if you haven’t already…

  • Hi Riley,
    I like how you’ve organized your thoughts, it seems like you really know where you’re going. You lay out your plans for change and your reasons for doing it, I wish I was that well thought out! Looking into meat and dairy farms should be an interesting investigation here in Vermont, where it’s such a big part of our state’s history and industry.


  • Hey Riley,

    Seems like you have it all figured out. I would warn against tackling such an important issue from the humans are evil angle as you could potentially alienate your audience, however it seems as if you understand fully what you plan to do in the coming weeks. Good luck to you.


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