#4 Mind Map!

Mariana Considine

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  • Jiya Pandya
    5 years ago

    Hi Mariana! This looks great: it seems like you’re zooming in more to the specific issue of art therapy, and have a clear sense of why it matters and how you connect to that (importance), what you can do about it (change), and who you have access to (stories). Similarly to what I was saying last week, though, I wonder what it would look like for you to broaden the group of people from who you seek stories. In addition to your friends at GIA, who can you talk to? In my work, I’ve found that experts and adults respond really well to students who write to them or call them with questions. Google “art therapy for teens in VT” and see what shows up; maybe even contact or visit some of those places. I think it’d equip you a lot better to make those changes in your school if you hear from the experts. Good luck, and email me if you need anything!

    • I definitely want to find some experts in the area about it. My mom suggested someone who is in charge of an organization right in my town that I could talk to.

  • Hi Mariana!

    Your topic is, in my humble opinion, definitely something that needs to be explored. I think another word to think about is “Where?” Similar to what Jiya was saying about places to reach out to, I agree that knowing where to look could help you. I’m not well-versed on this topic, but I think reaching out to schools and their art departments could be a cool thing to look into. I know there are a lot of cuts happening in the arts, unfortunately, and it would be interesting to gain their perspective on art therapy. Just something to think about moving forward.


  • You have an amazing resource right here in Hardwick.


    Executive Director Kathryn Lovinsky was one of Dad’s students.

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