#4 Mind Map


A little exploration of ideas that I have about what my project could be focused on. I am spinning my wheels trying to decide which route to take on my journey to creating a documentary….. So many different options.

Katelyn Brown

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  • Katelyn,
    Your mind map has a lot of really good ideas on it. Could your main focus perhaps be equality or some subsection of equality, such as equal rights, LGBTQ rights, or student rights? Is there a particular part of equality, or should I say inequality, that interests you the most? You could go in a lot of different directions with any of these ideas and I think they would all make a really great project.

    • I had to think really hard about where I was going to go with all of the ideas on my mind map, but I decided to take on something that is all encompassing and pertains to my life personally (A place that I have influence). I wrote about my topic choice in blog post #5, but I decided that focusing on my school’s community would be the best route for me. It is always so helpful when you pose questions. It gives me an opportunity to have a structured thought process. Thank you! 🙂

  • Rebecca Holcombe
    4 years ago

    Hi Katelyn,
    I giggled when I read your comment: “I am spinning my wheels trying to decide which route to take on my journey to creating a documentary… So many different options.”
    I completely identify with that comment this week! I have so many project ideas now that it’s hard to make any one project move! The good news: you have your whole life ahead of you, and given your passion, I am sure this is only one of many projects you will do.
    Sometimes at work, I make a list of things I want to come back to, but need to “park” until I have time to get back to them. I call it my “parking lot.” “Parking” them somehow seems to give me permission to move on to my first priority, until I have time to return.
    When I look at your list and think about what you have written about in other blogs, I keep coming back to your own community and school. What if you did some kind of story telling around an equity audit of your own school or community, as a case study of power and membership in your community? Equity audits are designed to make equity challenges concrete and countable, so that you can prioritize what you want to work on in order to improve your community.
    There are lots of equity audit tools in use around the country, and you could take part of one you liked and modify it to look at your own community. Here is one example:


    As always, I appreciate learning from you as you pursue your project. Best of luck!


    • Thank you so much for always giving me so many things to think about (and learn) from your comments! I am so thankful for your “parking” idea because it actually helped me choose my overall topic for blog post #5. I can’t thank you enough for your thoughtful, considerate, educational comments. I have learned so much through your links and suggestions! 🙂

  • Katelyn, your mind map has a lot of good and important ideas on it. I think your topic is a great start! It’s a pretty general topic with lots of information around it. I think that this is a great topic and you can make a lot out of it.

  • Abigail Bartell
    4 years ago

    Hi Katelyn,
    Wow! Your map is great- very graphic-designy and appealing to your art teacher/mentor/commenter!

    Having spoken to you since posting this mind map, I know that your project has perhaps taken another route, or more specifically, that you have centered on a particular topic. (One which I wholeheartedly support, and applaud you on!)

    Like Rebecca, I often find myself with too much going on, too many projects, too many ideas. I think her suggestion of “parking” some of them, perhaps to give more space for other ideas, is a good one. You have SO MUCH to think about, and so many possible routes you could take. Focusing on a targeted, specific topic can often lead to more ideas- just as taking one of your mind map “bubbles” and further developing it can lead to a more pinpointed view.

    Check out the work of Sister Corita Kent and her Rules and Hints for Students and Teachers, or Anybody Else. She was an artist and educator, and one of my heros.


    I am so excited to see where this project goes!


  • Abigail Bartell
    4 years ago

    Ah Katelyn!

    I wrote a long and detailed comment with links and resources, but it seems to have been lost when I hit Add Comment. GRRRRRRR!

    The gist of it was….WOW- you have a lot to think about, and…I LOVED your mind-map (very graphic-designy and appealing to this art educator/mentor/commenter), and….

    I agree with Rebecca about sometimes having to “park” ideas to give them space and time to grow (ferment? develop?). This also opens up new space to either dive deeper into other ideas, or come up with even more!

    Check out Sister Corita Kent’s Rules and Hints for Students and Teachers, or Anybody Else: https://www.brainpickings.org/2012/08/10/10-rules-for-students-and-teachers-john-cage-corita-kent/ She was an amazing educator and teacher, and one of my personal heros.

    I can’t wait to see where this all goes. I know since posing you have narrowed your ideas a bit…I applaud and fully support any direction you go in, and truly look forward to our continued work.


    • Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, I really wouldn’t be apart of this without you! You’re right about “Parking” ideas I read Rebecca’s comment and realized that I had too many things going on in my brain at once! (What’s new? haha)

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