#4 Mind Map

Bernice Kabengele

6 Responses to “#4 Mind Map

  • This is a great mind map! It’s awesome how your were able to make so many different connections to Big Brothers and Sisters, and how you showed the influence it can have.

  • Great mind map! I can’t wait to see what you so with this!

  • Bernice,
    I like that your mind map has so many branches. Clearly you’re seeing many avenues that your topic can take. What do the colors in the map indicate? Connected ideas? Types of actions? Good graphic design? 🙂

    All of your ideas seem very positive, which is wonderful, but I’m wondering if you have also considered obstacles that might crop up when working with kids in need of mentorship. Because each of your points has just one word, I’m having trouble interpreting your deeper thoughts about them. I hope we’ll have time to talk about it when we get together next weekend!

    • Thank you Kate. Colors represent connected ideas, and thank you for your suggestion and questions; I’ll take it into account.

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