#4 Mind Map

Theo Ellis Novotny

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  • Hi T.D.,
    This is a very cool visual that you posted for your mind-map because there is a center, but everything is connected to each other and also to the center. I have no idea how you made it but I want to learn! This is an interesting topic to delve into- when I was looking at your mind-map I was thinking about one of my friends who’s a quarter Native American, but she just told me this year because I think it was a bit of a personal subject for her. I think it’s important for everyone to be proud of their heritage, and that will only happen with projects like this that help break the stereotypes of who and what we see as “native american” and that celebrate an important culture. Do you have any ties with the Abenaki?

  • T.D.,

    I like this mind map because I can see several possible action steps emerging from this work. One would be focused on incorporating the Abenaki in Vermont curricula and the other would be focused on addressing common misconceptions about Native peoples.

    I do, also, have a number of questions about this topic. Is there anything in Vermont curricula about other tribes? Why was it so hard for the Abenaki to gain recognition from the state? What is their current population in the state? What was their approximate population before European arrival? Does the tribe have any land with the state boundaries? I remember in a previous post or comment something of other tribes and casinos, but I assume that requires land ownership. Lots of things to think about as you move forward.


  • Hi T.D.,
    This is lookin’ good! I like your mind map and I was surprised there’s no regulation for the education of the original Vermonters. I was wondering, what do you think should change? You mention a ton of issues that there are that people debate, but what needs to happen? Where do you want to take this topic? Who do you want to address? Where do you want your change to happen? Just some things to think about as we continue through our I-Searching.


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