#4 My Ideas of Climate Change Denial

Here is a link to my mind map if you can’t read the picture above. Let me know if you can’t view the link.

Elsa Lindenmeyr

4 Responses to “#4 My Ideas of Climate Change Denial

  • Hi Elsa,
    You brought up some very interesting points in your mind-map. I think it is easy, and we do blame climate change on the people who don’t believe in it (namely many republicans in prominent places–such as our president) but it’s so true and wise to realize that though people are willing to go to marches and look like they take care of their environment, their home lives in many cases probably tell a very different story. We are all the problem, and we need to change together, not point fingers and wait for other people to change. And change is not always going to be fun or comfortable. If we change the way we live our lives (shorter showers, less heat, walking to school etc.) it’s not going to be “fun” but life isn’t really about our own comfort, and it’s important to address this issue and force other people to look deeply at it along with you.

  • Laurie Hickey
    6 years ago

    Hi Elsa.
    Thanks for your patience on receiving this. It’s been a busy week.

    Stories – Change- Importance. These important concepts from your mind map crystallize where a potential project could go. The stories you select- if compelling- could cause a person to move to action. It is also a way to get to the heart of several stories.

    That actually is one of my wonders about your mind map and this topic. Improvements will come with systematic small steps that are not remotely fun or exciting. You are asking the right questions about building community to make this a norm and a norm that is an expectation of the group. Maybe that is the “where” in this story? Where in Vermont does a group of people support each other individually as individual steps are taken to lower green house gases? What brings them together to do this? Maybe if that story is “the” story others would be inspired. And the work could be replicated.

    Given the tough climate related disasters in the news cycle the last six weeks – it would seem we’d be hearing more about this topic. . . but again it’s not topping the headlines.

    Hmmmm – just my thoughts. Keep on noodling!

    • Hi Laurie,
      Thanks for the ideas and questions! I like all of them and I think that might actually be a really good way of spreading change in our state and then into the country. I also want to work on how to make solutions more acceptable and more realistical for everyone, including deniers, which is what the individual communities could do.

      Again thanks so much,

  • Hi, Elsa,
    I think you did well on your Mind Map. You had a very informational map. Your point, “We need to start educating children at a younger age about what’s going on in their world and what might become their reality”, really stood out to me since it’s true! Even though we are constantly inventing new solutions, more problems are being created. Without pointing fingers and naming names (President Trump), some of the people in the generation above us are getting careless about the global future, and we might too someday become just as careless. Just because children have less age and experience, it doesn’t mean that we can’t be as effective at creating change.
    Great job!

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