#4 my mind is a map

Shannon MacDonald

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  • Hi Shannon,
    Your mind map covers a lot of information! You are really putting all the pieces together with animal cruelty. I think it’s really interesting that you have money as the center of all of your branches. Money is a big motivator.
    Something that interests me is that if these businesses were doing these cruel things to humans, they would be thwarted. Somehow, though, with animals, it is allowed. So, what about giving animals basic rights? What do you feel would be the first step to change in these areas?
    Your mind map is detailed and thorough, and I can easily understand what you feel about these topics. Great job!


  • Avery Murray-Gurney
    7 years ago

    Hi Shannon-
    I think the connection to profit is very interesting, and I wonder how it will impact your project. The connections you make in your map make it very easy to understand. Are you going to pick one of the branches in this map or try to work on all of them? I’m excited to see.

  • Shannon,

    I wish I could upload a pic here with the rotated version of your mind map… But at least I have it on my desktop!

    So I look forward to your #5 and I’m sorry I didn’t get to comment on this sooner, but what you have on this map are four distinct topic areas or types of businesses — puppy farms, factory farming, animal testing, animal shelters. And, you know this of course, you need to narrow your focus and then narrow it again.

    But you have done a map that clearly outlines some of the key aspects of each area. Good for you.

    When I was a journalist (reporter then editor) I felt that the most important part of any reporting was to a) get a focus on the story you wanted to explore (framing question, list of stakeholders, the answer to: “who cares,” story scenarios (what can I get easily and what would be absolutely fantastic if everything worked out perfectly) and bias-check (what’s my opinion and how do I deal with that?) )

    So on this one, you need to ask yourself, which of the four interests YOU the most?

    Then, what’s the primary framing question? Example, with animal shelters, what is the primary problem? (Hint: Too many people get pets who then find out they don’t want/can’t handle them… Too many businesses are “creating” more pets … Not enough people get pets from shelters to save their furry little lives … etc.) Which angle do you want to frame your story on?

    Then, how do you get the human angle? When you have your framing question, you then know who the stakeholders are or what the various stakeholders are… Who are the human beans you can talk to who have compelling stories? They will bring the story alive?

    What’s the support data you need… Again, going with animal shelters (because that was your first idea, I think) how many of them are there in Vermont? How many animals do they kill in a day? (that’ll get your viewer’s attention) How much do animal shelters cost to run? What’s it like for the workers to have to put down animals? Can you find someone who had to give up their pet and talk to them about the whys? THAT would be compelling.

    Just some ideas…

    Keep going, Shannon. You’re on the right track. But keep in mind that you want to pick the thing that INTERESTS YOU the most.


  • Hi Shannon,
    You have some good thinking evolving and you’re on the right track. Your topic is very interesting, and all of your branches are very important. You have talked a lot about why your topic is so important, and I’m curious about your ideas to bring change to these areas.

    Overall, you are digging deeper in your thinking, which is good. I am looking forward to seeing where your ideas lead you. Good luck!

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