#4 Pieces of the Big Picture

Lindsay Beer

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  • Morning Lindsay! This is is such a neat sketch note of your thinking. How to make a better school community is such an important question. You have really focused your thinking in the last few posts. There is much to explore here. There seems to be a lot of research about how to improve the school climate for students, but much less on how to improve the climate for teachers, and how these are linked. Often people can isolate their thinking about students and teachers– and not notice how connected their experiences are. One question: are you thinking of exploring working conditions from how the teachers would experience them, and then show a connection to the students, or mostly focus on the teachers? I see that you want to include how the strike effects students so you must be thinking of both. I’m also wondering how the community fits into your mind mapping. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!

    • Hello again!
      In response to your question, I am thinking of focusing on both teachers and students. I think that the combined and separate perspectives could be really helpful in learning how to improve things. I have changed my viewpoints multiple times since this mind map but I think my ultimate goal resides in my most recent post. I don’t know if that is helpful. Thank you for the feedback!

  • Lindsay, now that you’re really digging into your issue, I have a bunch of questions that I hope you find helpful. How do you think you might tackle the goal you have to understand the big picture? Which people might you speak to within your own school’s community to get a better understanding of the elements that contribute to the working conditions of teachers? What are the types of levers the administration can activate in order to improve working conditions? What types of elements are out of the control of the administration? You might also look outside of schools to other types of communities to see what factors play a role in creating a healthy culture. For example, every time I go to Trader Joe’s, I’m struck by just how happy the employees seem to be. I wonder what ingredients go into making a vibrant working environment there. Another example: I work at Middlebury College, and we just completed a survey about our working lives. The college’s administration will evaluate the results of that survey and implement changes here in order to help create a better community for faculty and staff. You might see if your school’s administration also circulates surveys in order to assess and improve working conditions for its teachers and staff. At Middlebury, we additionally have staff and faculty councils that meet on a regular basis and work with the upper administration in order to address issues and find ways to enhance the working environment. Does your school have similar established outlets for teachers’ voices and systems to help solve work-related concerns? I hope you enjoy where your research takes you!

    • Hello!
      I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner! I really appreciate the questions you provided me. I have started to address these questions in attempts to move my thinking forward and it has helped me a lot, thank you for that! I appreciate you suggesting to think about the big picture. I found that it is important to do so. I hope to hear more from you soon!

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