#4 – Power Mind Map

Alaena Hunt

6 Responses to “#4 – Power Mind Map

  • Colleen Kiley
    5 years ago

    This is great, Alaena! As I read your mind map, I was wondering if you’ll end up focusing on a specific type of power or one of the places of power you’ve identified: school, government, the arts, etc. Very thorough and thought-provoking!


  • Emma Reynolds
    5 years ago

    Nice work here! I think this is a great start to exploring power. I also agree with your self-reflection from Mt. Philo that you are getting started but moving towards making progress. I think this Mind Map and others will help you hone in on your topic and resources.

  • I like how you addressed so many different aspects of power – where it occurs, why it occurs, who deserves it, what it means, etc. It was great to see all your thinking from the last post laid out.

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