#4 What are we going to do? (Alzheimer’s Mind Map)

Link to mind map: Alzheimer’s Mind Map

Mind Map map with Coggle program.

Photo by Marque Tan on Unsplash

Sasha Miler

5 Responses to “#4 What are we going to do? (Alzheimer’s Mind Map)

  • Hi Sasha,
    just to let you know, the link is denying me access to your mind map. Try checking to see if the link includes viewing access.


  • Sasha,

    Thanks for fixing the link. It worked for me and your mind map is pretty amazing. I was also not familiar with Coggle and it seems like a tool that is really well suited for mind mapping. Thanks for introducing me to it.

    Your mind map does a great job looking at the disease in multiple ways. I especially like that you have an action section where you’ve done some thinking about areas where change can be made. While you have a lot of information about the disease and its impacts, I’m curious to see some data and statistics about Alzheimer’s. What percentage of the population, in Vermont and/or nationwide, has the disease? Are those numbers growing? What are the chances that someone will contract the disease during their lifetime? What is the lifespan of someone with Alzheimer’s? How much does it cost to care for someone with the disease? This data would help me to better understand how and why it is important and requires swift action.


  • Unfortunately, the link doesn’t work for me; I get an error message saying the diagram doesn’t exist.

    But I appreciate Erik’s comments to illuminate what is on the map. My big question is this, what of a cure? Could that be a focus of your work… raising awareness, raising money, helping people to invest in more research… and perhaps the story’s power is in the stories of people whose close friends or family have Alzheimer’s…


    • Sorry about the link, I will try and fix it. I am still working on figuring out what to focus on for this topics as project, Elsa earlier said that the focus
      could be on the personal, scientific, and economical impacts. But, I also like the idea of awareness, and the idea being the stories.

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