#4 Why drugs?

I have watched my once incredibly smart family member turn into someone totally different from one decision.  I believe that this could be an easy fix with others help.  Everyone knows at least one person with a drug problem.  Maybe that persons you.  Do you want to do everything you can to help them?  I certainly do, I want the person I grew up knowing not the person I grew up to know.

In Simon Sinek’s TED Talk he explained that, “People take your cause and turn it into their own.”  If you believe that you can help your family member or friend, or even yourself, then people will believe you and join your cause.   Simon Sinek also mentioned that “If you are driven by a cause or a purpose you will get further than if you are driven by money or fame.”  The majority of people are doing their jobs just for the money, not because they love what they do but because they have to in order to eat and have a home.  These things are essential to pretty much everyone, but when you have a drug addiction you don’t think of eating, you think of how you can get more drugs.  When you have a drug addiction, you get a job that pays just enough to get you high, and then the cycle restarts itself.  “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”  I don’t want to stop the drug epidemic from spreading because I am getting paid or will become famous.  I want to stop it because I have loved ones who are getting sucked into drugs and I believe that what i’m doing is the right thing.

Simon Sinek: Start with why

Sidney Carr

2 Responses to “#4 Why drugs?

  • Sidney,

    I keep coming back to your statement, “I want the person I grew up knowing not the person I grew up to know.” The knowing, growing, and know are prominent in the statement and cause me to consider how they relate to your experiences. I find that most people have experienced growing up knowing someone differently than someone they grow to know. As you look towards developing your topic, how can “I want the person I grew up knowing not the person I grew up to know,” become your way to demonstrate the “why” for your topic? Great line from the TED Talk, “If you are driven by a cause or a purpose you will get further than if you are driven by money or fame,” I couldn’t agree more.


  • Beverly Moss
    6 years ago

    Hi Sidney,
    I am struck by the passion in your post and especially your final comment about “doing the right thing.” You’re right, drugs have impacted almost all of us. I, too, have family members whose lives have been altered by drug use. It has destroyed families. Just this week, there have been numerous stories on the local news in Columbus about the rise in heroin overdoses in the area. Just in the past week, at least three people have died from heroin overdoses in the area, and many others are still in the hospital. Drugs are destroying our communities and families. I imagine that if you did an informal survey of local news outlets in Vermont, you will find discussions about drug epidemics. We have to do something.

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