#4 A Tangled Mind Map

My mind map is a bit blurry so here’s what each arrow points to:

(My topic is DACA)

DACA –> $ 4 billion to deport all young illegal immigrants

DACA –> Deporting leads to more jobs for Americans? … Not really –> Immigrants boost the economy

DACA –> Gives hardworking young dreamers a chance to purse the American Dream –> Dreamers like Juan Conde

Juan Conde –> Young Dreamer

Young Dreamer –> Immigrants boost economy (Like said above)

Young Dreamer –> “Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” – John Lennon

Young Dreamer –> HOPE




6 Responses to “#4 A Tangled Mind Map

  • Emily Hoyler
    5 years ago

    Love the John Lennon reference. Is that song the source of the name Dreamers, in this context? I appreciate how your mind map started with the humans (Dreamers) and not the legislation (DACA). Immigrant to American is also an interesting juxtaposition. How does identity play into that conception?

    • Hi Emily,

      I’m glad you liked the John Lennon reference. 🙂 For this mind map, I had already come up with the name dreamers for these young people and as I was working I thought it would be fun and meaningful to add in.

  • Sarah Soule
    5 years ago

    It’s interesting to note that I read this on October 10th, but yesterday, October 9th, was John Lennon’s birthday and I appreciated your referencing him. That one line, “You may say I’m a dreamer…” always resonates with me as I feel like I am not the only one….and I value John Lennon’s words 🙂

    I find myself wondering what John Lennon would say or do if he were alive today and facing the Trump administration? But then again, I’m not the only one….

    • That’s actually such a funny coincidence, I didn’t even know that! I’m sure if John Lennon were still here he’d be a fierce advocate for many of these young people who feel like their voices are being silenced.

  • I am going to follow the trend of previous comments and also touch on the John Lennon quote. It was interesting to see you making connections to so many things from statistics to song lyrics. The song lyrics in particular show how your beliefs are somewhat timeless.

    My wonderings are just about the nitty gritty of this issue as I am not an expert in DACA. I look forward to reading your future posts!

    • Hey Aidan,

      Thank you! When I first thought about putting the song lyrics in I wasn’t sure if it would really “work” alongside the statics and facts, but once I did I’m so glad I did because it felt really natural.

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