#4: Mind Map It Out

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Sophia Venturo

3 Responses to “#4: Mind Map It Out

  • This is such an interesting mind map! I was curious about the thread that leads to “What are the ties connecting it to Vermont?”. I wonder what some of those ties are. Also I noticed your connection to “How did it find its way into Vermont?”. Since Vermont was not part of the confederacy, I am excited to see what answers you find to this question.

  • I think your mind map gave a great overview of your topic and questions you will need to answer before finding a solution/ thesis to your topic. I loved how you stated all of the information into questions. This made me think about each individual part of your topic.
    One question I had for you is do people protest the use of the confederate flag? Do people that where it get confronted? You talk about how the confederate flag affects the community, but how might it effect the wearers and supporters of the flag?

  • Ceci Lewis
    5 years ago

    I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your mind map, but as Mr. O’Leary will testify, I am technologically challenged.
    The map clearly shows how the various observations you have made are leading you to a study that can be explored. I am particularly interested in the correlation you are interested in exploring is the connection between poverty and the presence of the Confederate Flag. How might this correlation reflect what it is currently happening economically in Vermont? I am intrigued with what you might find. Are you seeing Confederate Flags in the upper middle class and/or wealthy neighborhoods or areas? Where and who is flying this flag?

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