#5 A New Topic

As I am still seeking a more viable topic I decided to read as many of the past weeks blogs as possible. I read through six or seven before I settled on the topic of addiction. Many of the blogs that centered around addiction all shared a similar message that I can relate to, we all know someone that this has affected. This story seems like an interesting story to pursue and would be a fun experience. This topic interests me because like many other people around our state I have seen the affects of addiction. This topic also interests me because of the directions that people are thinking of taking it. One example is Kati’s. She is looking at it as a larger issue than the simply personal one. She also looks at addiction as a topic in itself and not addiction to any specific thing. Another blog that caught my attention was Petras. She narrowed the very large topic of addiction down to the opiate crisis. This topic interests me because Vermont has been singled out as a state with a very bad opiate problem.

My knowledge of this topic is not very deep but I do feel as though II understand this topic well. Many news articles have been written recently about the addiction problem and it isn’t a new thing. I can see that this problem is drastically different from many others but also shares many of the same characteristics as other problems. I have seen addiction and its effects first hand so I understand the emotion and I know of the seriousness involved. The main things that appear to be the conflict in regards to this topic is the difference of opinions about treatment and the amount of help available to addicts. The differences in opinions seems to have to strong and distinct views. These views are that it isn’t the communities responsibility/ enough is being done and the other view is that as a state we should be doing more to help addicts and facilitate treatment.

Some questions that I have about this topic are. What resources are available on a statewide level? What is the core problem, is it the effects on addicts or the effects on communities from addicts? What are the major addictions? Are functional addicts also a problem? Why do we have an addiction problem?

Brennan Bordonaro

2 Responses to “#5 A New Topic

  • Bob Uhl
    7 years ago

    Hi Brennan,

    You’ve done some good work on the topic of volunteerism, but it’s good to see you branching out, as well, and to an (at least) equally significant issue. I, too, noticed that several other folks in our course were interested in learning more about addiction, particularly to opiates, which seem to have infiltrated Vermont in recent years. You’re right that many of us know people affected by this crisis, and I think having a personal stake in something can be one of the best motivators to work hard toward a goal. You’ve begun asking some useful questions about this, and I’m eager to see where those questions take you.

    Until next time!

  • Tom McKenna
    7 years ago

    Hi Again, Brennan,

    This new topic area, addiction, intrigues me, too. I agree with Bob when he says, “I think having a personal stake in something can be one of the best motivators to work hard toward a goal. ” In fact Ken Macrorie, who wrote several books on the I-search process, counseled searchers to find a question that had real potential to change your life. I wonder if there’s a question within this larger topic of addiction that might really change your outlook or your experience in life.

    Quick anecdote… Just today I was talking with friend in a coffee shop. He was lamenting that he now has to lock his door in downtown Juneau—something he hadn’t had to do in decades of life here. Our theft rate has gone way up due to opiate addictions. My buddy began to rant about how the city spends all of its money on the cruise ship infrastructure and it people would spend comparable money on “dealing with addiction,” Juneau would a much better and safer place. As I walked back to work, I wondered what the city could do. I have heard of some innovative programs for heroin (such as that in Gloucester, MA http://gloucesterpd.com/addicts/) but I don’t know if that’s the kind of thing he had in mind. I’m still wondering where the best (and most cost-effective) methods of engaging addiction are, and what makes them effective.

    Please do keep in touch. I’m learning quite a bit from already, and happy to be a sounding board if you want to think through some possible directions.


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