#3 – Combining and Refining Ideas

I am looking a prompt 1A. I am almost ready to dig into my topic, I think, but I’m still at a point where I’m sort of figuring out how I am going to go about that. In my last post, I talked about two different topics – support for the arts in schools, and discipline systems in schools. In the feedback I got on that post, it was suggested to me to perhaps combine the topics – something which has piqued my interest. And so, I am considering looking into how art can help students in schools as a form of therapy, and just as an extra curricular. I am thinking I can interview some of my peers whose lives have been affected by the arts in schools, and gather stories about how it has helped them. I would like to think that I am an ‘expert’ on this topic because of how much my art has helped me as a way of expressing myself and branching out, and because I know so many people with similar experiences. I think that one new thing I can add to the conversation on this issue is personal experiences with it, like I mentioned, and how individual experiences can influence your art. This summer I attended Governor’s Institute on the Arts, and I certainly saw and spoke to a lot of people who were able to create amazing art of all sorts through their internal and external struggles and success.

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Mariana Considine

3 Responses to “#3 – Combining and Refining Ideas

  • Jiya Pandya
    6 years ago

    Hi Mariana! That’s a cool combination, and you positioned yourself really well here. I think your personal experience with art will definitely be useful as you tell this story. I also am excited to read your interviews with your peers. Something I am still wondering, though, is how you’re going to fit in the “justice and therapy” piece of it. Will you be speaking with disciplinarians in schools? Are there local non-profit initiatives or psychologists that do art therapy? Their perspective could be as important. I think that exploring art as an extracurricular AND a form of therapy might be a lot of work, and I think you may need to zoom in a little more on the latter. Of course, that is my perspective, and you’ll take this where you need to. I look forward to seeing where it goes.

  • Hi Mariana,

    Art therapy in schools in such an interesting approach to the disciplinary aspect of schools you were talking about in your previous post. I haven’t heard much about this topic, it seems like you’ll be able to offer some unique perspective on what you learn.


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