#5 Digging Deeper Into My Topic

Ella Beerworth

2 Responses to “#5 Digging Deeper Into My Topic

  • “How Can We Help Refugees Live a Fair Life While They’re in Vermont?”
    Dear Ella,

    This question, at the center of your map, is the question many of us are asking – no matter what state or place we’re in. Thanks for placing this question front and center.

    Dixie Goswami
    BLTN NextGen

    Your question has me re-reading Julia Alvarez’s book about undocumented families in Vermont: Return to Sender (published in 2009 but fresh and timely).

  • Ella,

    I appreciate you taking a closer look at a part of your mind map. In the interest of zooming in even further, I’m wondering if you happen to know, at this early stage in the process, the names of anyone who might know a lot about refugees in Vermont. If I remember correctly, your last entry mentioned a couple of names: Jean Swayze and Christina Nolan. Are those folks who hold positions in the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program?

    In addition, consider that it will likely be important not just to include the voices of Vermonters who know about refugees, but also the voices of refugees themselves.

    I look forward to meeting you this weekend!

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