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Link to mind map:#2 Alzheimer’s Mind Map

This week I decide to both dig into three other topics, and dive deeper into my mind map. I looked at three post focusing on climate change, mental health, and dress codes. I looked at climate change  mental health as topics that I could possible see myself diving into. I also then dove into the creation of another mind map about Alzheimer’s because I am still intrigued by this topic.

My second mind map, Mining My Map, dove into the action being directed towards Alzheimer’s, and the effects of a growing senior population.

Meredith’s #3 post about climate change and her post is right on about the reality of climate change and the human race with it. We don’t realize that everything we do affects something, and we are all guilty of this problem. In schools we are taught about climate change, but I think we need to be taught the big picture, what happens if we don’t fix this, what will change and what will die?How do stop and realize what’s going on? How do you make an impact? How do you change a behavior that people don’t even realize is there? What is climate change going to affect in the future?

Looking at Rae’s #2 and #3 blog posts about mental health I had multiple realizations. Sitting in the Skills For Life classes, hosted every Friday for 45 minutes, where we have pathetic discussions about serious topics…I don’t learn anything. We have kids in classrooms making jokes about mental health, suicide, bullying, and harassment and it’s messed up to be cracking jokes at these issues. We are uneducated about this topic because we don’t care to learn about it at times, so how do we change that? How do we properly educate people to be effective and understand this problem?

Anna’s #3 post focused on the sexism in dress codes and appearances. In her interview with her male classmate, it was mentioned that female clothing is in general usually made with less material and is commonly more revealing, causing it to cause the recurring problem to find school appropriate clothing. Personally understand that dance codes tend to be very female apparel orientated and that is an issue, and I do think that there is need for them to be changed. I think that if they were altered to a less biased and nit picky approach that it would be okay, but then the fact that shoulders are sometimes needed to be covered bugs me. I’ve girls get dress coded in my classes for just wearing a tank top and having their bra strap showing, and the teacher told them to go put a jacket on and the usually excuse was because they were showing their shoulders. How do you create an appropriate but then not limiting dress code? I pushed myself to look into the topic of dress codes, even though it wasn’t a topic that stood out to me in general, though it is still a possibility.

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Sasha Miler

3 Responses to “#5 Diving

  • I see your posts and like, I don’t know how you do it but you find the most interesting photos that even go with your writing and it’s awesome. I just had to say they are really good.

    I like how you’re looking into other’s topical ideas yet still developing your own ideas on those issues. Even with your own topic, you’re looking into you got ample thoughts about what you’d be able to bring to the table. Climate change is definitely something we as the current reasoning behind it, should take a look at and start adopting a more sustainable lifestyle.
    Today people don’t understand the hidden implications of their actions especially surrounding mental health. We don’t have a class dedicated to mental health or anything for that matter at PA, but how you described it in your school it seems to do more harm. I wonder if you pursue this topic would you be able to take over the class or at least the curriculum.
    P.S. If you do go for this topic, don’t get caught up in the history of it. I worked on this two years ago and we didn’t get to make a difference because we only focused on the history of mental health patients and how people treated them. Not that you shouldn’t because it was insightful, it just made our documentary turn more into a history lesson rather than an influencer of sorts.
    Dress code and sexism entangled in it is definitely hitting hard right now. The conversation is just starting to be brought up in a public context and concepts and opinions are being tossed into the dialogue. I read that you aren’t particularly interested, but the different points you made about it and questions you brought up about ‘What’s too much or too little?’ is encouraging.

    Kind of long, but best of luck finding a topic!

  • Thank you so much for your feedback Rex, I greatly appreciate it! I’m personally looking for a topic that’s more in the shadows one that we don’t really realize is there, but is an issue. Thanks for the insight on mental health, and if I was to go with that topic I would probably steer towards the in school education area of the issue.

  • Sasha,

    This is another amazing mind map! I really appreciate that you had a solid focus on the action piece in this map. That has been one of my recurring questions for you throughout this process and you addressed it head on in this post. I’m really intrigued by some of the ideas that you listed such as the digital or physical support groups and the free online programs. I also am happy to see you dug a little deeper and found some more facts and figures to go along with your research from before. In particular, the fact about older folks outnumbering younger ones in 2035 and the billions of dollars Alzheimer’s is costing the U.S. are sobering. My question to you as you continue to think about this topic is what audience do you think you should target? Young people, those in government that can make decisions regarding money, older folks, some other group?


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