#5 exploring more intersts

Three more topics that I found interests in this week are food industries in Vermont, power in society and foster care system.

I never really thought about where my food comes from because I always assumed it was organic because we live in Vermont and my parents shop at the coop. I’ve always hated hearing about how animals are treated when they are being used for food. Organic and well made food is often more expensive than the cheap unhealthy foods, so if children come from poorer families they are most likely growing up eating not the best. Its hard to change the price of food but how do we change what were feeding the children. I’m interested in this topic because I know the basics of problems surrounding food industries but I wonder a lot about the complexity of it, and it would be really cool to go and do research on the subject. Some thing I could research would be going to grocery stores and comparing nutrition facts and prices, along with where the product come from. Then going to the where the products are from and getting information from the makers. I am not strongly interested in this topic but I do think it would be really fun to explore.

How people, especially men in our society use power in our society is something that I think should be changed. The first thing that attracted me to this blog was the person mention of Brent Kavanagh and his new position in our government. I could definitely seen the power problem in this situation. A man accused of a terrible act was brought to trile and all he could do was get un in front of the judges and yell and scream and talk about where he went to college vs the women who got up and was calm in the telling of the terrible thing she had to go through. However it was the white male in the end who got his way, so when parents tell there kids that winning never gets you anything, they must be lying. A big problem with our society is that we tent to believe the person of power and the person of power tens to get what they want. Most of our people of power are white males so we can’t go forward if people aren’t open to change. Some question I would like to explore is if the history of our country pays a factor in the power problem in our society.

Foster care is a topic I know nothing about except for what I have seen on tv, but I’m still really interested in the topic. One of the question that was posed was do the foster cares help children get adopted and that is something that I am wondering. A way to research this problem would be to go an visit foster care facilities and see how they work. To also see if they are actually good for the kids. In movies they often come off as terrible but that could just be for the plot of the movie. Another thing to do would be to interview kids who were in foster care. That way you get both sides opinions. This would be interesting to answer but it could be a difficult topic to pursue and there may be lines that someone could cross. Another hard thing could be foster care with siblings, are they placed together or separate? It would be terrible to be separated from your sibling so how is that doubt with? Another question could be do certain states have a higher rate of foster kids, and why?

Anna McIntosh

2 Responses to “#5 exploring more intersts

  • Anna,

    Between this entry and your previous one, you’ve demonstrated interest in an impressive range of topics. I think you might find it helpful when, at our retreat, you have the opportunity to share your interests and hear from others about theirs. Before long, you’ll be on your way to narrowing your choices to the one you’ll pursue for the rest of the course.

    I wanted to take a moment here to address something you raised in the self-reflection you wrote earlier this month. You mentioned a concern about figuring out how to use the technology for this course. While I know from personal experience that getting the hang of new equipment can be a challenge, I can assure you you’ll have ample time to practice, experiment, and play with any new tools you’re introduced to in What’s the Story. The media kits can feel overwhelming at first, but you might be surprised to find that they become rather fun once you get the hang of them!

    You also asked about how long you should be spending on each blog entry. My gut reaction is to say, well, go with your gut reaction! Look for a middle ground between flying through an entry without taking the time to reread it at least once, and painstakingly editing an entry until it feels absolutely perfect. I’m not sure if that’s helpful, but if not, it’s something we can talk more about at the retreat.

    Looking forward to meeting you this weekend!

  • Allison Stebe
    4 years ago

    Hi Anna,

    It has been a pleasure to read your blogs entries as you navigate your topic for the year. Each idea has a special quality that will not only be interesting to learn more about but will also foster your sense of activism and what is truly important to you. You have proven to be very reflective and thoughtful. I understand you will have this weekend to hone your topic. I encourage you to take this time to share and reflect with others and find a common theme that not only guides your work but inspires you. WTS is such a great opportunity for exploration-unlike any other opportunity at MUHS.
    I look forward to learning what you choose as a topic. You can’t go wrong with what you have already explored!

    All the best,
    Ms. Stebe

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