#5 If there’s one thing I’m sure of it’s that drugs destroy your mind and destroy your home, in the end it will only lead our country into ruin

Simon Sinek said people do not buy what you do but why you do it. I completely agree with this fact. Some of my favorite artists first appealed to me because they have heart and put passion into their work, and I am compelled to listen to their music, buy there albums, and go to there concerts. When somebody speaks with passion I listen more actively, I read eagerly, and I watch attentively. Innovation has the route nov, meaning new, and nobody who lacks passion has new ideas.

Unfortunately there aren’t many innovative ways people have, or fought for the legalization of marijuana. Its pretty similar people just pass the bill, whether it be for the economic power house the marijuana industry is, because they want to regulate the substances distribution, restrict the access minors have to marijuana, or because they just want to get high. I looked for a solid two hours and did not find a single thing. I mean some of the speeches were passionate but they said the same things, stated the same facts, and brought up the same statistics.

Why: Marijuana use has never caused a death in recorded history, but the prohibition of marijuana has destroyed more lives than I can count. Most of these lives belong to minorities. Minors have unrestricted access to marijuana which, while not a harmful substance, can hinder the developing brain. Organized crime profits by billions of dollar each year from the prohibition of marijuana, while the government spends billions of tax payer dollars fighting a (drug) war they already lost. I want to live in a world where each individual, no matter their race, has the right to get a little high and not have to watch there back in terror. Where marijuana is out of the hands of minors and into the hands of responsible adults who just want to “chill out man”. I want to live in a world where tax payer dollars are used to better our lives not throw us in jail. And I want to live in a world where criminals aren’t profiting off humans want for fun, especially minors.

How: Allowing citizens, ages 21 and up, to grow their own marijuana or purchase it from a dispensary, and giving Americans the freedom  of recreational activity that this country was founded on.

What: Legalize Marijuana!

Pitch: Marijuana use happens across the united states. The prohibition of marijuana has led to minor use of the drug, prisons spilling over with petty criminals mostly people of color, billions of united states tax dollars being wasted, and organized crime flourishing. If you want this to end and to just have a good time, vote to legalize marijuana.

Olympia Kulp

2 Responses to “#5 If there’s one thing I’m sure of it’s that drugs destroy your mind and destroy your home, in the end it will only lead our country into ruin

  • I like how you get right to the point. Your points are very clear and convincing. You seem really passionate about this topic, and I love that! It’s so important to want to make a change in something rather than feeling forced to try to change something you don’t care about. I’m really excited to see where you go with this. I wonder how you feel you can make an innovative pitch on changing this topic. You speak about how no one has thought about how they can be creative with the legalization of marijuana, and I was wondering if you were implying how you wanted to be the one to make this innovative? I love where you are going, keep it up!

    • Hi Riley

      Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to my post. No when I say there is no creative way to legalize marijuana I mean there is no creative way, it’s passing a law there is one way that it can happen. I could potentially see the way people push to get the law passed getting creative but passing a law is always boring white people in a room arguing over dumb issues rather than making our country a better place for the oppressed. Unless you count legislatures taking bribes as a separate way of a law getting passed in which case there are multiple ways I guess, but I don’t have the means to exploit the United States Legislative Branch.

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