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After viewing the Ted talk from Simon Sinek about “How great leaders inspire change” a couple thoughts and ideas came to my mind. First of all, Simon talks about how Martin Luther King Jr. got a huge mass of people to come to Washington to hear him speak because he made his topic personal, he made others to believe in his cause. This was helpful because the entire point of my project is to show people how global warming effects them and make the situation personal or relevant to them.  Another thing that Simon emphasized is that people with a cause/ personal motivations or beliefs tend to accomplish more using the wright brothers as an example. My overall goal is to make climate change and global warming personal and relevant to more people so that in turn, will help and aware others of the problem at hand.

I looked into how people across Vermont, and across the world are tackling this problem. One way that people are helping is by educating others on various parts of climate change and global warming. I am going to be attending a program hosted by Peter Donovan going over carbon cycles in various forms, such as in water, and soil. He has also founded the soil carbon challenge. Educating is very important because it is the first step in any challenge. The use of renewable energy has grown in the past few years and many people and country’s are starting to use solar panels, wind turbines, and hydro-electricity to power their homes and facility’s. Country’s like Paris are making plans and agreements to lower their carbon emissions. Scientists are still coming up with innovative ways to tackle global warming.

In terms of the “Golden circle” from the ted talk, we can look at global warming this way. Help the environment and create a steadier and healthier climate. Help your community, agricultural businesses, and recreational industry’s by reducing your waste. Use renewable energy, less plastic, and plant more trees. Together, we can reduce Vermont’s carbon footprint.


Alex Tolgyesi

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  • Sydney Taft Cole
    5 years ago

    Hi Alex,
    I liked how you connected Martin Luther King Jr. to your project. I’m sure the way you suggested to tell people about your project (connecting it to them and their lives) will be greatly effective. I wonder if you will or are already using any of his ways of thinking to encourage people to listen to your cause. I like your thinking!
    – Sydney

  • Allison Stebe
    5 years ago

    Hi, Alex.

    Your voice really shines in this post! Like the leaders you speak of, you made it personal. You not only expand on your passion for this topic, you helped me, as the reader (or anyone who reads this post) recognize that I can make a difference. You do a nice job making it relevant by citing examples of how we can promote change in our local community and beyond.

    You speak of innovation and scientists tackling this topic head on. Which innovative practice do you find yourself gravitating towards and wanting to dig deeper? Is it something that could be done in the local community?

  • Hi Alex,

    If this comment appears again, sorry. I posted it once but it got eaten (I think).

    I wanted to tell you that I saw (and like) your project idea re global warming and I wanted to tell you that back in the summer of 1999 I assigned a reporter (I was managing editor of The Burlington Free Press) to examine whether there was a way to establish that global warming was being observed by maple sugarers. It was. Dramatically. And what we found was that sugarers have amazing, multi-generational records of weather — daily temperature, wind, cloud cover, etc along with detailed records of when and how much the sap ran and how much they produced.

    The numbers helped explain why every single maple sugar operator we talked with was convinced global warming was real and was convinced their industry was affected — earlier runs, earlier end of season, more diseases in trees, etc.

    Sadly, that story is probably not available — it was before digital archives at the paper. But it is fertile ground for you and let me know if I can help.

    geoffrey gevalt

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