#5 Mind Mapping

Adelle MacDowell

One Response to “#5 Mind Mapping

  • Adelle,

    Thanks for sharing your mind map. Looking at it, it seems to me that the implementation of proficiency-based grading at your school has been rough. Is that a safe assumption? I also wondered how much you know about what other schools have done or are doing around proficiency-based grading. Understanding what is happening in other schools in your area, and statewide, would be helpful, both in smoothing out the transition at your school, but also making it a more meaningful topic by addressing it at the larger level.

    That brings me to my next wonder: does Vermont have a consistent definition of what is means to be ‘educated’? If you surveyed your school community about what ‘getting an education’ means what would you find? Does it mean successfully graduating high school? Does it meaning going to college? Does it mean you possess a certain set of skills and knowledge? Does it mean you are ready for a job? Is it just one of these, some combination of them, or all of them together? Seems like maybe we have to agree on what ‘getting an education’ means before we can argue over the way we assess students. What do you think?


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