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“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”  Simon Sinek’s TED talk brought up some points that definitely will be helpful for me to continue researching Refugees in Vermont.  People are interested in things that they believe in.  Companies or Ideas, that people can relate to their on thoughts and beliefs will be more engaging.  I think that successful companies run on similar beliefs that their audience has.  The small details or statistics might not be what changes someone’s thoughts.  When something is connected to a bigger universal idea, people will trust it.  Simon Sinek also talked a lot of believing.  When you truly believe in something, you can accomplish the change that needs to happen.  I truly believe that Refugees deserve more support in Vermont.

Lots of people and organizations in America are working hard to support the refugees the come here.  One organization I came across was the New American Leaders Project.  They educate and train New Americans so they are capable of running to be an elected official.  I never really thought about before, but it makes a lot of sense for some of the government to be New Americans.  This provides a more varied set of opinions and perspectives.  The program provides mentoring and training.

Refugee Family Literacy is a nonprofit that is doing wonderful work in Clarkson, Georgia.   Clarkson is called,  “The Ellis Island of the South,” many refugee families flee their countries and move there.  This program provides early education for young refugee children.  What makes this nonprofit so amazing is that English classes are provided for the mothers.  There are people from over 20 different countries in the program.  The women and children also have each other and that is very beneficial that these people who left everything have others who did the same.  The children here get a head start to benefit them when they move into elementary school.  Some past students are now teachers at Refugee Family Literacy.  This program provides a lot of support for New Americans and surely makes their new home much easier to adjust to.

Everyone deserves the resources to live to their fullest potential.  Refugees in Vermont are capable of so much and will achieve great things if they are supported.  Vermont needs to implement more programs to help Refugees be successful.



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5 Responses to “#5 People helping People

  • Anna Buteau
    5 years ago

    Hi Neva! I really like that you’re looking around to find organizations that relate to your topic, even ones as far away as Georgia. You can get some really good ideas for your own course of action from observing what works for other organizations and it will also help you brainstorm new ideas of your own. It seems like you know the “why?” of your project pretty well and you’re clearly passionate about helping refugees, which is awesome. Borrowing ideas from successful organizations and using them to come up with unique ideas of your own looks like the transition into the “how?”. It also seems like you have some ideas of how to get your point across and draw in audiences, as you said that universal ideas that people can relate to are how people build successful companies. Your project is starting to take shape and direction and thats really exciting!!

    • I think the organizations that I researched are really helping me shape my ideas. Especially the organization in Georgia because they are creatively helping not just students, but the mothers as well. When I started this course, I had my mind on a track towards education but now my thinking is evolving. Family seems very important and I think that I would be able to make more productive change if I focused on families. I wouldn’t say that education is out of the picture at all, I just want to think of families too.

      Thanks for your comment


  • Hi Neva,

    First off, I loved the real-world examples you gave. Do you think the Refugee Family Literacy program is similar to your ideas of helping refugees? Are you interested more in making education or job opportunities available to refugees (or both)?

    The first example you gave was also really interesting. Preparing refugees to run as elected officials is something I think a lot of people probably don’t think of (I know I hadn’t), but it is really important that refugees have a voice in American politics.

    Your comparison of your topic to the idea of the golden circle was great and I think you really understand what it means to put your beliefs first when you’re trying to get people to care about your issue as much as you do. That will definitely be important as we keep going so keep in mind the reason why you’re so passionate about this issue and that will help you along the way.

    Great job,

  • Hi once again,

    The Refugee Family Literacy is totally what I’m thinking of as a type of solution now. Between education and jobs, I’m currently considering both. They also directly affect each other so it makes since to think of both of them. The other organization involving government officials isn’t necessarily something I want to go further with. I think it is a very cool concept, but as I said in one of my previous posts, some things don’t need additional support. The New American Leaders Project seems to be doing lots of work to help new Americans get into the government. To be honest, I’m not quite why I’m so engaged in this topic. I haven’t lived these struggles and now that I think about I don’t know anyone who is a refugee (or I’m not aware that someone is.). I just know how current this topic is and that it needs some more attention. I’m excited to learn more!

    P.S. I was in Morrisville the other day and I thought of you!


    • Rachael
      5 years ago

      Hi Neva,

      I wasn’t sure how to get in contact with you but I just wanted to let you know that I won’t have my video in by tonight or probably tomorrow and I’m sorry about that because it gives you a little less time to look at it or leave a comment.

      Thanks for understanding,

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