#5 People who believe what you believe.


Find people who believe what you believe. A statement or idea that Simon Sinek brought up over and over again. The idea of not having people buy or do something from what it is but from the standpoint of why you do something and what your beliefs are. If you are working with people who share similar passion or belief you have a much easier time getting things done and being successful. This resinates a lot with what I have learned so far with my topic. If you are unaware, I am interested in creating better school climates, mainly inspired by the BSD strike. I learned that everyone needs to be motivated and in agreement with the larger goal to be productive and successful.



Edutopia.org claims these principals…to create a better school community you need these points.

  • Community/business school partnerships
  • Parental collaboration
  • Curriculum connected to real world experiences
  • Student voice
  • Cross generation learning
  • Locals designing solutions to local problems

ascd.org says that the crucial components are the ones listed below.

  • Building a strong sense of community in schools is both important and doable.
  • Actively cultivate respectful, supportive relationships among students, teachers, and parents.
  • Emphasize common purposes and ideals.
  • Provide regular opportunities for service and cooperation.
  • Provide developmentally appropriate opportunities for autonomy and influence.

Both of these sources I found very helpful and corresponded with the points I gained from my interviews awhile back. It seems like working towards a common goal is very crucial to success in not just work conditions.



Why: I believe that both teachers and students can benefit both physically and mentally by having a strong tight, solid school community, having excitement and passion at the idea of going to school. 

How: I plan to do this by interviewing many different people who are experts or in the active position of my belief. I want to know what teachers, leaders, students, and many other educating staff and participants think is important, lacking, or strong in their school community. Learn about their hopes and dreams and goals for school.  

What: I want to accomplish the fact that people can be excited about school, they can be interested without being worried about social status or popularity, a community in all schools where people feel safe, respected, and important. I think if people have this feeling than schools can accomplish greater learning, more interest, leading to a better future.

My “Pitch”: I believe that interest, enthusiasm, and curiosity are the crucial ingredients to a successful, community in schools. I want to allow people to become interested in not just school topics or subjects but in education itself. I want curiosity, wonder, the unknown to be thrilling and exciting. I want to see what people think, to spread the word on how to make change. I think that students should be curious. Should wonder. Should think about the unknown. I think that if curiosity, and wonder can be achieved then you have achieved a positive school community. You now have interest in subjects, interest in learning, interest in new ideas or innovations. Teachers and students feed off of this excitement and making school a positive and exciting place makes it easier to create a better school community. A place people don’t just have to go to but also want to go to.


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O’Keefe, Brendan. “5 Steps to Better School/Community    Collaboration.” Edutopia, 19 Oct. 2011, www.edutopia.org/blog/school-community-collaboration-brendan-okeefe.





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Lindsay Beer

4 Responses to “#5 People who believe what you believe.

  • Lindsay! Wow. You have really focused in on connecting your vision, your interests and what happened with the strike– combining these into what you want to do, and ultimately what you want to see as a result. Great work!

    I am interested in how deep connections with the community through service, intergenerational activities, and opportunities for collaboration can create a more positive school community and provide relevant, meaningful work for students. This ties in directly with my work with teachers in the areas of service and project based learning. I wonder if in your interviews with teachers this might come up? Or you could ask about it, because it certainly seems to intersect with your vision and ideas.

    I wonder too if you thought about how personalized learning might interact with your subject. It should be rooted in curiosity, community and interests to there seems to be a strong connection there.

    Looking forward to reading more!

    • Hi Katy!
      I really appreciate your comments!
      It helps me process what I want to improve upon.
      Thank you for that!

    • Hi!
      Thanks so much for the feedback!
      I actually talked a little bit about personal learning in our Brainstorm last weekend. I mentioned that currently we are doing a little bit of that at school. I am also curious about how connections and collaboration may or may not come up in interviews. I really learned a lot from the feedback you gave me. I look forward to continuing to hear from you!

  • Hi Lindsay,

    Wow, great work! You’ve done a really great job of breaking down, and providing insight, on the complex layers that you have discovered surrounding your subject, and it has been really cool seeing your passion, and knowledge on school communities develop.

    Keep it up, and I can’t wait to see your pitch video!


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