#5 Researching topics.

I have been researching a topic for what’s the story. I have been reading other people’s story. I have caught an interest in Healthcare for Women. It is about women having the options to access childbirth control. I agree that women’s healthcare is important. I am not a big supporter of abortion based on my belief. For me, abortion is killing a baby and it is a sin. I do understand that people will abort because they got rape. I believe that a child is just a child no matter how it was created.
I read about the silent epidemic. A silent epidemic is about human trafficking. I understand that Human trafficking is when children’s and women are kidnapped to be a slave of having intercourse. The writer had great examples to make the subject clear for me. That is a hard topic that I don’t want to tangle. It is one of my options.
The other story was racism. I understand that Racism comes from slavery. People still see color and inequality. I have experienced racism as a black person. I don’t feel strongly influenced into taking that subject. I understand that Racism is a big subject that needs to be solved but it is too big to be solved.
From reading everyone stories, I learned that every subject is hard to be fixed. It has to do with changing other people perspectives. I am not in control of changing other people’s perspectives. I knew that I am capable of changing a problem. All those subjects are interesting but I am not strongly influenced. Sometimes it takes more than a want than a need.

Stephie Siki
I am friendly. I like meeting new people. I enjoy public speaking. I like helping teenagers. My friends will describe me as an outgoing person.

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