#5 Why Start a Movement

To start a movement you need a leader, someone who’s got the drive to get something done, but you also need followers. Simon Sinek said “People don’t buy what you, they buy why you do it.” and this means that people don’t join a motion or create change because they like the steps you’re taking, they like the goal, the big picture. And they also like that you are going to get there. A leader has to be invested, or else people won’t believe they can actually achieve their goal. Sinek also said in his TEDTalk, How Great Leaders Inspire Change, “If you talk about what you believe, you will attract those who believe what you believe.”. This is important because if a leader doesn’t attract enough people to his mission, then change will never happen. You need to inspire people to want to change and make a difference.

Some people are already starting movements around climate change. For example, the Paris Agreement set carbon emission goals for countries to hit each year as we get closer to where our carbon emissions will need to be to survive climate change. The countries involved in the agreement also will support each other with the means to deal with the impacts of climate change as it approaches as well as helping countries who need assistance adapting their ways to meet the carbon emission goals. This is a great idea and so far it’s starting to work, but the U.S. pulled out of the Agreement because it would put the U.S. at “a very, very big economic disadvantage”, as President Trump stated. So how do we prepare for climate change if our government isn’t doing anything to help? Well the Climate Change Education Program from Yale is trying to solve that problem by providing classes and workshops for high schoolers about climate change and steps to take to reduce the impact of climate change on our society. Education is also a great way to bridge the gap between deniers and acceptors and the right kind of education can urge people to take action in their own homes.

My final words for this week’s short post are:

I believe in a world where we understand and have empathy for one another. We will be able to collaborate to make a better place for future generations of caring people. Our first step will be climate change.




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Elsa Lindenmeyr

3 Responses to “#5 Why Start a Movement

  • Hi Elsa,
    I love the flow of your post (mine was more of a three-section format, and it just doesn’t meld together quite as well.) Those final words make me want to join your movement! I’m excited to see what happens as you learn more, because I’ve already learned new things I didn’t know (like about the climate change education program at Yale.) Good luck diving into your next blog post!

  • Laurie Hickey
    6 years ago

    Thanks for your patience in hearing from me this week. An unforeseen family situation kept me preoccupied.
    Your post prompts me to consider leadership. When I think of the best people I have encountered – the ones that inspire me to change and grow – they lead first with their actions, secondly with their convictions and then thirdly by their raised eyebrows as if egging me on to action.
    Education is at the heart of this and it’s the forced realization that our combined activities are causing climate change. I wonder and worry that until there is sustained negative effects, the average person will not make the changes necessary.
    Finally, I love the idea of empathy in your mission statement. An empathetic view demands perspective switching. It’s all well and good for me to sit in my relative comfort and make choices if I am well fed and well compensated. If it is a matter of feeding my children however, ethical climate sensitive choices may take a back seat.
    Until next time, keep on pondering.

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