#5: “Women are being pulled out of the work force because child care is too expensive”

When I started researching for this post, I wasn’t sure what to do for women’s rights. I knew that I was trying to help women, but in what field? I searched a list of women’s rights topics and one caught my eye. ” Women are being pulled out of the work force because child care is to expensive.” This is a quote from a V.P.R. report on inadequate child care.

There are a lots of different characters in this story. There are the parents, the child care providers, and also a lot of different organisations to help get people child care, such as Let’s Grow Kids and Building Bright Futures. The parents want or need child care that is affordable, good quality, and not to far away. I believe that  some child care providers want to be affordable and good quality but can’t, because they wouldn’t have enough funding. But I think there are also child care providers that don’t care about if they are helping people.

People can be united when there is a common enemy, or problem. People are also united by common interests, or points of view. I think it’s safe to say that people are united by things that are the same about them. I believe the opposite is true of the next question. What divides people?  I think it’s the differences. Different opinions, different interests, different problems, different thoughts. All these things can divide people.

I don’t really have a lot of questions about my topic. I think this is because I don’t know a lot about it yet. I believe the less you know, the less questions you have. However, I do have a few. What is the average cost of child care? What percentage of women are being pulled out of the work force? Which class does this affect the most? What are some reasons for this to be happening?


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Megan Balparda

2 Responses to “#5: “Women are being pulled out of the work force because child care is too expensive”

  • Bob Uhl
    6 years ago

    Hi Megan,

    I think the specific issue you’ve identified here–women not being able to work because of the expense of child care–is an interesting one that’s quite relevant to your broader topic. You’ve begun asking some useful questions, and, as the course unfolds, I encourage you to keep pursuing them. I also think the divisiveness you mention in this realm is quite real, and something that, perhaps, you may look for ways to help resolve moving forward.

  • Nate Archambault
    6 years ago

    Hi Megan,

    I’m a dad of a child in a home daycare. We had a very difficult time even finding an open spot for our daughter. In talking to some daycare providers, I often hear that some of their biggest issues are regulations from governmental agencies that make it very difficult to run a childcare center from their home or otherwise. You’re right that there are many facets to this issue, but it is an important and pertinent one for Vermont families. It looks like you’re off to a great start.

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