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I am here because I love helping people, and especially orphans. That my first interest in WTS, helping orphans throughout the world by giving them what they do not have. I am planning to have an association in the future which will be specialized in helping orphans. I don’t know about Vermont, but there is  a lot of orphans in my country who need help, and as a christian, my mission is to bring help to those people (children) who need it.

Bernice Kabengele

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  • This is such an important mission, Bernice, and the fact that you feel so personally connected to it means that you can bring real passion to the topic. I’m not aware of whether Vermont has many orphans, but we do have an alarming number of children in foster care – nearly a thousand in such a small state. Like orphans, these children often suffer the trauma of displacement and instability. Maybe that would be an interesting topic for you to look into.

  • Dear Bernice,

    I’m moved and impressed by your deep concern for orphans – children in need – perhaps by extension children in foster care. It seems to be that WTC will provide the space, support, and tools that you need to learn about children (in Vermont) who need help.

    Best of luck with your WTC journey,

    Dixie Goswami
    Bread Loaf NextGen Network

  • Hi Bernice,
    I am excited to learn about your vision for helping orphans. I wonder if you have looked into organizations that support children who have lost their parents to get a sense of how they function. I also wonder about the differences in the ways various countries view orphans. I read The Orphan Master’s Son a few years ago. It’s fiction, but it made me think about the role of governments in tending to young children and how they might see children, as burdens, as tools, as human beings or something else. Thanks for tackling this complex, but necessary conversation.

  • Lindsay Beer
    4 years ago

    Hi Bernice!
    My name is Lindsay and I’ll be reading your blogs for the next few weeks. I found this first post so powerful. I can see how much you care about this topic of orphans and how passionate you are in finding a solution to a problem. I can tell that you have a clear idea of what you want to do with your time in What’s the Story. I can’t wait to hear more about where this takes you!

  • It’s amazing how much you care about orphans, and I’m so excited to be it WTS with you! I can’t wait to see what project you will end up doing.

  • Dear Bernice,
    Its amazing that you are so interested in helping orphans and hope to make this your career. I’m so excited to work with you at WTS!

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