#6: A Mind Map

Zachariah Burrows

2 Responses to “#6: A Mind Map

  • Hey Zachariah! This is a really well done mind map! I’m a huge fan of color coding (I color code all the notes I take for school and any physical objects I have to organize), so your map was easy for me to read and understand. I like how you listed various organizations you could reach out to in order to get information and make change.

    For the Importance branch, I guess I would like to see you take that further. Like, you have that the declining bee population will cause a loss of plant ecosystem, but I want to know how that impacts us, as humans. How will it affect the food we eat? The agricultural economy of Vermont?

    In addition, you have a lot of really good ideas to improve the situation, including the discontinuation of pesticide use and the support of bee hives. How would you go about that? Would you try to get legislation in place to prevent pesticide use/manufacturing? How do you support a beehive? How can normal people get involved and contribute to this worthy cause?

    You also said you want to spread information. How do you want to do that? Through schools, the internet, petitions, radio, newspaper etc.? And what information do you think will be most valuable and persuasive to create awareness, and therefore change, among the general population?

    You don’t have to answer all of my questions right now. Just think about them and see if you can work the information into your project somewhere. Great job so far!!

  • Hey Zachariah,
    Wow! This is awesome. I agree with Anna; it’s really organized with the color coding. Plus, you have a good bit of information to work with. Good job!

    I also agree with Anna on this one as well, but I would like to see more of the Importance branch. I think that is one of the biggest, if not the biggest thing you need to tell people to get them to get on board with you. If people don’t know why, they are less likely to help with your cause.

    I know there is only so much you can do on a mind map, and I’m saying this for future reference, but I think it will help to be more specific on how your going to make change. How are you going to get people to stop using pesticides? How are you going to tie this in with education? Don’t worry! This happened to me too.

    I can’t wait to see the remarkable things you will do with this topic. Until next time!

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