# 6 – Dress Code Mind Map

Sorry, it’s kind of unreadable…

Anna Buteau

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  • Bob Uhl
    7 years ago

    Hi Anna,

    I haven’t commented here before, but I wanted to drop in and say WOW! What an impressive mind map! Keep up the good work.

  • Anna,

    Your mind map shows me a couple of things. First, you’ve done a lot of deep thinking about the issue and, second, as the map clearly shows, dress code is a complex issue. For example, the ‘importance’ section shows all of the bigger cultural issues tied up with the dress code.

    I have a question for you related to the map. Looking at the ‘change’ section, I wonder which of the three areas you listed (legislation, schools, and society) would you be most interested in trying to affect change?

    I also notice that in addition to the ‘importance’ section you also have a ‘perspectives’ section which looks to be a collection of quotes you have heard or others have heard and shared with you. I’m wondering about how the two sections can be connected. Could you stitch together personal stories, which can be very powerful, with the important societal issues to create a strong case for change?


    • Anna Buteau
      7 years ago

      Hi Erik! Thanks for your input! Oh gosh, I don’t know where I would want to focus my change. Spreading information to society is important, because that how I’ll gain widespread support. The schools are a huge part of that though, because that’s where the dress codes are a big deal. And petitioning for legislation to support inclusive and fair dress codes would create a more permanent solution. I think I would want to get information out to schools, gain support from students, and depending on how it was received, I would go to the state to establish laws.

      I would love to weave personal stories in with the information, as that would make a really strong case. I know a few people who could elaborate on the rape culture aspect, and some (including me) who could describe experiences with sexism, body shaming, and the various emotional effects of these things.

      Thank you for your advice, and I hope I can create a strong campaign with the resources I have.

  • Anna,
    I really like your mind map! It’s really artistic, and creative. I’m the one who should be jealous! 🙂

    I think you used all of your blog posts, and put it onto one piece of paper, which is really awesome, and convenient when using your resources. I also like all of your sub-categories as well. Me, personally, am more of a visual learner, so this would be really helpful for me to understand the very complex issue of the dress code. But, I’m also good at absorbing info from text too. So, I’m just saying, this is a good tool to use to aid visual learners more efficiently.

    This mind map is truly amazing. It’s well organized and thoughtful and creative. I would definitely give it an A+! Keep up the good work!

    Until next time,

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