#6 Exploring Mental Health With Paper And Pen


Rex Ross

2 Responses to “#6 Exploring Mental Health With Paper And Pen

  • Hi Rex,

    You seem to have a really good idea about the problem and importance, and a good idea about possible solutions. I know you probably haven’t been thinking about it much, but do you know where you are going to start? As in, what research are you going to do to start the process, who are you going to talk to? You obviously don’t have to decide now, but maybe coming up with some idea will help you with your future research.

    Good luck!

    • Hi Emily,

      I’ve been just briefly thinking about talking to others and starting with my topic. So far from what I have researched and explored I might just dive in and try to find people who have dealt with mental health illnesses, only if they approve, and ask them about their story and what’s a good starting point to ease in from. I haven’t found anyone with the topics that I’m working with, but I do have some professionals to get insight also.


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