#6 Mapping My Thoughts about the Opioid Epidemic In Vermont

This week I worked on arranging all of my main information and thoughts that  I have collected over the past month, in a mind map!

file_004 file_005 file_003 file_002

Petra Kapsalis

One Response to “#6 Mapping My Thoughts about the Opioid Epidemic In Vermont

  • Petra,
    Really nice work on your mind map! It was detailed and gave me a good insight into your thoughts on the issue–I hope it is helping you work through them, too.
    I noticed that you talked a lot about kids and youth in the mind map. That made me wonder: maybe you could focus in this incredibly broad but important topic by focusing on how opioids are affecting kids and teenagers in particular. I also saw that you basically had a two-way split in the “perspectives” portion: people who have been or are addicted, and people who are trying to help. Which side do you want to bring to light in your project? Lastly, I also saw how your “change” section was divided into three parts, but it really could be two: treatment, then prevention and education which you showed as strongly linked. Which of those two is your end goal for change? I think that’s a good question to figure out so that you know which direction to take your project in.
    Greta 😀

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