#6 Mapping My Thoughts on Mental Health Care


Grace Widelitz

4 Responses to “#6 Mapping My Thoughts on Mental Health Care

  • Courtney Krahn
    7 years ago

    I think your mind map is fabulous. The term “mind map” lends itself well to your topic. It’s clear from your map that you’ve done a lot of thinking about how your topic breaks down, and about how these sub-categories are interconnected. It’s a pleasure to watch your thinking unfold. Looking forward to seeing you again soon…

  • Hi Grace,

    This is a wonderful mind map. It gives one a visual snapshot of the topic and its intricacies. It also highlights the challenges one faces when dealing with such an important topic. A good map will deliver you to your desired destination. Your map will help you choose your destination and the way to get there. Nicely done!


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