#6: Mapping out racism in our schools…

Nathan DeGroot

One Response to “#6: Mapping out racism in our schools…

  • Courtney Krahn
    7 years ago

    Hi Nathan,
    It’s neat to see how your topic translates into a mind map. I’m curious about the legislative branch of your mind map. Race is legally a protected class, but of course this doesn’t prevent racial biases from manifesting themselves in schools. I wonder what type of legislation you’re imagining, as this is a new element to your topic. I like that you have widened your target audience here to include more demographics of the school community. I’m also wondering if you have done any thinking about what types of activities or information would be presented at workshops, trainings, etc. I think you have the opportunity to present an old issue through a new or uniquely-nuanced lens. Now that you’ve targeted these audiences, it might be good to start brainstorming what key messages about racial biases you want to explore/promote in your pursuit of prevention.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon,

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