#6 Mapping problems migrants face in Vermont

Here is a link to my mind map: Problems For Mexican Migrant Workers

This map is used to depict the many different issues migrants in Vermont face every day. As I continue my research, I will most likely choose from one of these problems to focus in on or use them all as a way to show the many hardships the immigrant population faces in Vermont.

Justin Holmes

One Response to “#6 Mapping problems migrants face in Vermont

  • Hi Justin,

    This mind map is very interesting! I’m curious about which of these issues is most appealing to you as a topic for your project and why. How might you decide which direction to go? I wonder if it’s possible to show this mindmap to a migrant worker, or to someone who does work with migrant workers, and ask for their input on the issues you’ve raised. They might point out interesting connections between issues or help you to identify resources on particular issues. By the way, I saw this article in The Campus (Middlebury’s student newspaper) the other day and I thought about your project: https://middleburycampus.com/article/student-group-fights-to-free-migrant-worker/ Keep up the great work!

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