#6 Mapping My Crazy Mind


Megan Balparda

2 Responses to “#6 Mapping My Crazy Mind

  • Hi Megan!

    I loved reading your mind map! It was organized in such a clear, and concise way that I could gain a lot of information surrounding your subject fairly quickly.

    I think that it is interesting how you narrowed your topic down into a relationship that I haven’t considered before. Are you planning on addressing specific issues in Vermont, or national concerns?

    Can’t wait to read more!

  • Nate Archambault
    7 years ago


    As a dad who has sturuggled, briefly, to find child care for my daughter when my wife and I both went back to work after her birth, I know this is a struggle for many Vermonters. Have you thought about looking at regulations placed on registered home child care facilities as a reason that some are closing?

    This is a great map.

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