#6 Mind Map of My Understanding of Migrant Workers

Here’s a link to my mind map for better visibility.

This is only a snapshot of my thinking, and it will probably change as more time goes by and I learn new things.

Elsa Lindenmeyr

4 Responses to “#6 Mind Map of My Understanding of Migrant Workers

  • Hey Elsa,

    I like your mind map! I tried the link but it said I was unable to view it, so I tried my best to read from your featured photo. I noticed that one of the conflicts you mentioned was their unfortunate lifestyle. I agree with many of the things you mentioned and that they often don’t live a very leisurely life but I’m curious, is there some way to correct this? The workers who have to come here to make less than minimum wage and live in horrible housing conditions aren’t often able to make the decision to leave. This being said, I agree that they should be treated better but is there a potential solution to this problem?

    I look forward to hearing your pitch and comparing ideas in a couple of weeks!

    • Hi Justin,
      I fixed the link, so you should be able to read it now (hopefully). I have had a similar question to yours for a while now and I’ve pondered yours too. I think there is a solution, there always is, but whether that solution is something I can do, I don’t know. To fix the problem of living situations we would have to start at the root and that is that their aren’t legal citizens, making it hard on the farmers to decide what to do with them. But it also makes it easy for farmers to get away with treating them without fairness. We would have to create a system that would allow these immigrants to get the same rights and privileges as legal citizens that only gives these rights to the people who deserve it and really need it. We would then have to get it to pass through the government and I don’t think that’s really possible for an eight grader to do, because someone would have already done it. I know that sounds really negative, but I’m just trying to think realistically. I definitely think that there are changes we can make, smaller ones, but I don’t know if that is one of them.

      I’m also excited to hear your pitch in about a week,

  • Nate Archambault
    7 years ago

    Hi Elsa,

    Your map certainly looks comprehensive! I wasn’t able to view it, though. I’d love to see it if the link works again.

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