#6 November Retreat

From looking at the learning scale, I feel like I am at a 3, or ‘Got It’ in 1.1 Identify and Pursue Questions. I feel like I am at a 3 because I have pitched my/our idea to my group and to others multiple times and grown more concise in my explanation. I also feel like I have contributed a lot to the process to come to a more clear understanding of what we want to do, and how. We’ve come up with a bit of an action plan for the next month or so.

I think I will be able to easily reach a 3 in 1.2 Manage Learning over the next bit of time before we meet. I have a good amount of time in my study halls to work on it, and support from my family. I have a good plan, and know who I am going to talk to to gain information, inspiration, and interviewees. Our project is a little different because we want to gather not only stories, but people’s art that has come from those stories. So we want to give them a little more time to give us resources.

Featured Image by whoever made the learning scale.

Mariana Considine

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