#6 reflecting

At this point in the year I believe I “got it” in terms of self direction. I have actively sought out someone with a similar topic. Our topics both had to do with animal cruelty and I am very proud of the progress we have made combining our topics to create a synthesis. Neither of us has had to sacrifice our ideas and we are both very passionate about creating a well organized, well thought out product. I think I need to do more specific research now that I have a solid topic and then I will will be proficient. I also think Lena and I have done a great job being focused on our topic and have some really great conversation with each other and with our potential mentors.

I think so far I am making progress on managing my learning. Now that I understand the resources that are available to me I will use them. I will dedicate a lot of time to making a difference in the industry we chose.



Shannon MacDonald

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