#6: Reflection and Growth

Identify & Pursue Questions:

In this proficiency, 1.1, I feel that I “got it.” This proficiency highlights the ability to contribute to a conversation and asking probing questions to move further in the conversation. During this retreat, I feel as though I have tried my best to contribute to my group (sexual assault and rape culture). I attempted in asking probing questions to help further my group’s conversation on where we felt would be a good place to start. My group members have many amazing ideas about our plan to make social change, and we all helped each other to further the conversation and to help deepen it.

Manage Learning:

Over the next month, my goal is to manage my learning. I need to contribute to my group by doing additional research around our topic to further my understanding on the idea as a whole. I will keep in touch with my group to evaluate what we can all contribute over the next month until we see each other again. The support I will need is from my team to assess what we would like to accomplish in the weeks to come. I am looking forward to the work I will do next month, and the dynamic of my group is something I am really looking forward to as well.

Riley Gallagher

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