#6 Seeking Common Ground

This week, I’m looking at all the topics we’ve researched and trying to sort them into similar categories. Here is a list of all the topics:





Tradition vs forward thinking in school

LGBTQ issues in school

Foster care

Mental health

Climate change

Planned Parenthood


Big Brothers Big Sisters program

Mental health

Proficency-based grading

Climate education

Political satire

Human trafficking



College debt

Gun violence

Income inequality

Here is a picture of my visual:

For my visual, I made list of all the topics inside a circle. Around the outside I wrote the categories I made in different colors. I then put colors next to the topics to show which categories I thought they related to.

Finn Wormser
My name is Finn Wormser and I'm from Shelburne. I'm a ninth grader from CVU High School. This is my first time doing the program, but I'm familiar with it through friends and my brother. I love playing sports and watching sports. I play volleyball, basketball, and am going to start ultimate frisbee in the spring. I play the bass and my brother, dad and I like to pretend we're a band. I am very excited to start What's The Story and to learn about a social issue in Vermont.

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