#6 Seeking Common Ground

Connecting ideas

  • Freedom:  -Racism





-The silent epidemic

  • Environment: -Climate change
  • Health: -Mental health


  • Politic: -Politic Satire

-School shooting

  • Life style: -Dress code

-College Debt


  • Child Welfare: -Foster Care

-Big brothers Big sisters

-Panned Parenthood.

  • Don’t fit into a category: -Income Inequality


Bernice Kabengele

2 Responses to “#6 Seeking Common Ground

  • Lindsay
    4 years ago

    Hi Bernice!
    This is a really great way to connect all of these concepts. I think that by you being able to break down this large topic into smaller ideas to the start from will be very helpful in the process of your project. It’s an idea I probably could of benefitted from with my documentary last year.
    Look forward to hearing more!

    • Hi Lindsay, hearing from you every time I post make me feel so glad. Thank you very much for your ideas and suggestion; I’ll take them into account.

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