#6: Self Direction Reflection


For the “Identify and Pursue Questions” target, I’d put myself at Got It. I didn’t convince my course mates to choose my topic, but that wasn’t neccessarily the goal. A part of it is still being pursued, and that was the important thing to me. With the “Intersectional Feminist Perspective on Sexual Assault/Rape Culture on College Campuses” topic, our plan is to hear the stories from people of different races, gender/sexual identities, and abilities, including physical disabilities. Though everyone doing this topic is part of a team, I was definitely contributing my ideas and perspective, but didn’t dominate conversation, since all the group voices deserve to be heard.


For the “Manage Learning” target, I’d put myself at Proficient. A traditional classroom setting has never been my thing. More like the opposite. I much prefer a flexible learning environment, one that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and self direction. So far, my experience at WTS has been just that. In terms of seeking opportunity, I’m already in a alternative learning program at my school called Nexus, which is self-directed, project-based learning. I really appreciate being able to have conversations with people in WTS-either through the blogs or in real life-and a lot of what people have said on my posts, and what people have said in their posts has helped me change my thinking. I’ve self-advocated in all necessary instances, and will continue to do throughout the rest of my WTS journey and life in general. I’m very intrigued by the topic we’ve chosen as a group and I’m super excited for the process, as well as the result, whatever that may be.

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