#6 Self-Direction Reflection

Quick Look Back

After looking at the learning scale for 1.1 Identify and Pursue Questions, I believe I am at the “got it” point and pretty close to the proficient part of the scale. I think I am at this point because I have done research on my project, education reform, and used that newly found information to back up my thoughts and why it should be one of the main stories being focused on this year. I have also combined my ideas with other people’s to come up with a story that involves both our original ideas and created a project that we are both excited about.

Slow Look Forward

After reading the learning scale for 1.2 Manage Learning, I think I will be able to succeed well under this learning objective. I think I will be able to manage working on this project outside of these retreats and have a good balance between this project and school. Going forward, one thing that will be essential in order to manage this skill is to communicate with the other members of my group and make sure we are all on the right track and ready for our next retreat in December. I also think support from mentors will help our group stay on the right track, as well as provide insight on our project and new ideas to help our project grow. My group has already started to discuss the sources we want to use for our project and I think at our next retreat we will be ready to start reaching out to these sources.


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